Push-in fittings Ø110

Scheda tecnica Raccordi Infinity Ø110

Component Parts and Materials

Nut made in aluminium with finished surface treatment
O-RING Seal made in NBR
Body made in aluminium with finished surface treatment
4  Safety Ring made in Technopolymeric
Clamping Washer made in AISI 301
6  Tube-guide Ring made in Technopolymeric
Selflocking Nut in Zinc-Plated Steel
TCEI Screw in Zinc-Plated Steel
Extruded Alluminium tube calibrated and painting
    Blue Color (RAL 5010) - Grey Color (RAL 7035) 

Tenuta al fuoco The system does not stroke or propagate any fires
Temperatures Minimum temperature: -4°F (-20 °C)
Maximum temperature: +176°F (+80°C)
Threads Flanged tube ANSI 150lb
Female NPTF
Pressures Minimum pressure: -0.99 bar (-29.6 Hg)
Maximum pressure: 16 bar (232 psi)
Fluids Compressed air, Vacuum, Inert Gas
Sizes Tube diameter: 110
Montaggio impianto ø110
Installation ø110
Montaggio impianto ø110_2

Fittings of ø110 are pre-assembled with four screws untwisted to help tube connection. 

Tubes of 13 ft and 20 ft mt are pre-coated, calibrated and burred.

Push tube into the fitting for automatic connection and screw up in the suggested sequence. 

Tightening torque 30Nm.

Montaggio impianto ø110_3
Inserimento Tubo_2

Tube Connection
The correct connection of tube is confirmed by the position of the arrow pre-stamp. If you need to cut the tube, mark the distance of tube to insert in the fitting.

Diameter mmL mm
110 125.5
Installation art. 90018 - Flanged Tube
montaggio 1
To connect the pipe system to the compressor use flanged tube art. 90018.
Montaggio Tubo Flangiato 2
Lay flange gasket art.90017 between compressor flange and art.90018.
Montaggio Tubo Flangiato 3
You can see how product will look like after the assembling.
Installation art.90710 - Butterfly Valve + Screws + Nuts + Washers
montaggio 2
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