serie 53000 Aignep

Features and benefits of the range 

The new 53000 series of PPSU CW510L automatic fluid and compressed air fittings is Aignep‘s latest development in the Food & Beverage sector. It is a wide range of products that comply with NSF 169 standards, as well as regulations 1935/2004/EC and DM 174.

The bodies of the fittings are made of PPSU, a thermoplastic material that combines food compatibility with high temperature resistance up to +140°C. The threaded part is made of CW510L low-lead brass, while the seals are made of food-grade FKM. The new series is an economical alternative to stainless steel, being extremely lightweight. The extensive range is also entirely silicone free.

valvole serie 53000 Aignep

Applications of the new series

The Aignep products in the new series allow full passage and vacuum sealing, as well as instant connection and disconnection. Therefore, the new 53000 series of automatic couplings is not only for use in the Food & Beverage industry, but also allows application in the Agri-food Industry, Coffee & Vending, Medical and Vacuum industries.

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