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AIGNEP BIM: Building Information Modeling

What’s BIM ?

BIM - acronym for Building Information Modeling (model of a building with project information) is the digital information system of the building composed of the 3D model integrated with the physical, performance and functional data of the building.

BIM is not a software, but a complex and innovative methodology, essential for the construction, architectural and infrastructural sector, for all those small and large projects. BIM is also an integrated design method whose uniqueness lies in the ability to be able to collect, unify and combine all the data concerning the planning of a building design. BIM in addition to being dedicated 3D models for planning the construction of a building is also an essential method for the control, verification and reduction of errors in the execution phase for a strict method of preventive

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What’s BIM for ?

A project can also be fully implemented with the aid of this methodology which, as specified, makes it possible to combine the "forces" of a large number of technical professional categories in the construction sector.
BIM is therefore a sort of multidisciplinary platform in which the operational competition of designers who work within a project to build a model can take place with a certain ease. BIM can be used in a specific way by the actors of the project such as:

  • Architects
  • Surveyors
  • Engineers
  • Designers
  • Building contractors
  • Client of the projects

Within the section PRODUCTS / INFINITY you can find the 3D BIM Models.


Infinity tools

Aignep makes its PLUG-IN available for the users of the REVIT program. This plug-in , once downloaded and installed, allows the user to be connected in real time to the INFINITY section of our website directly from the REVIT software interface.

In this way , the search for a BIM object is immediate. Furthermore , the PLUG-IN allows you to use the network dimensioner INFINITY AIR PLANNER , to choose the most functional diameter for your system.

Download here and try now the Plug-in for Revit