Pulse Management Solenoid Valves 09F

Applications and features of the new range

Aignep has expanded its ‘FLUIDITY’ line of solenoid valves, dedicated to the control of liquid and gaseous media, with the new 09F series of impulse valves.

These solenoid valves are diaphragm devices designed to handle high-energy air pulses with immediate response times. Featuring compact dimensions, with connections from ¾” up to 1″½, an aluminum body, and a thermoplastic diaphragm, they are compatible with compressed air fluids. They have an opening and closing response time of 100 ms and can handle high flow rates with low air consumption and high reliability. 

Thanks to their high-efficiency performance, these solenoid valves are mainly used in dedusting systems, but also find applications in industrial filter cleaning, vacuum cleaners, electrostatic paint booths, and in the steel, cement, ceramic, and glass industries.

For more details on the technical characteristics of the 09F solenoid valve series, download the dedicated catalogue.

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