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Aignep, a market leader in the fluid power field, faces this historic moment characterised by the difficulty in finding raw and expensive materials with a well-defined strategy and a solid sales network.

Although the period is not an easy one, AIGNEP has a long and well-established history, based on pillars such as innovation and quality.

The same qualities that are enabling them to meet the great challenge of delivery times and the speed of market demands.

There are five product lines on which AIGNEP has decided to focus, namely: connections, automatic couplings, automation, the Fluidity series and the Infinity line.

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Shifting production from contract machining to AIGNEP-branded products proved to be a valuable move that led them to overhaul their production department, which is now fully in line with Industry 4.0 standards.

AIGNEP boasts a wide range of products designed to meet very specific market needs but which cater for the entire industrial sector. The Infinity range represents an innovative trend in the world of compressed air distribution, which has seen rapid growth in recent years due to its ease of assembly and low corrosion rate.

Similarly, the Fluidity series of solenoid valves for fluid control has grown considerably due to its wide use in all industrial processes.

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