Aignep produce elettrovalvole per fluidi e raccordi industriali 

A success story with Aignep

Our company was founded in 1976 in the province of Brescia as a subcontractor of fittings for the heating and sanitary industry. Aignep is part of the Bugatti Group, which consists of 4 companies operating in different sectors: in household goods (Casa Bugatti), lighting (Landa), transfer machines (Picchi) and FluidPower (Aignep).

Today, our company is internationally recognised for the production of industrial fittings and solenoid valves for fluids, made in Italy from materials of the highest quality and strength. The range of Aignep branded products is vast, to meet the most diverse application needs: from compressed air to automation, from fluid distribution to the most demanding processes with products in stainless steel or special alloy brass.

Finally, our goal towards our customers is to offer a fast and smart service. That is why we have made our warehouse fully automated and optimised a mobile application where orders can be placed simply by scanning the qr code of the desired product.

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