Building Information Modeling

The BIM is a digital building information system that consists of a 3D model of the building, complete with physical, performance, and functional data. This innovative technology is essential for large and small projects in the construction, architectural and infrastructural sectors, as it constitutes an integrated method that’s capable of collecting, unifying, and combining data relating to a building’s design.

Building Information Modelling also offers a useful method for checking, verifying and reducing errors during the execution phase, by allowing the various figures involved to communicate in a simple manner and check the model ahead of time.

The use of BIM

Building Information Modelling can serve as a useful aid in carrying out a project, as it allows a large number of technical and professional categories in the construction sector to “combine forces”.

BIM is a sort of multidisciplinary platform in which the various designers working on a project are able to come together to create a model with considerable ease.


By whom can BIM be used?

Infinity tools

The Aignep plug-in for the REVIT program is an extension that’s made available to users in order to allow them to connect to the Infinity section of our website real time, directly via the REVIT software interface. In this manner, they can perform immediate searches for BIM objects.

The plug-in also allows users to use the network’s Infinity Air Planner sizing tool to select the most appropriate diameter with which to design the system.

Download here and try the Revit Plug-in now