Aignep fittings of the 1000 serie and 61000 serie benefit from the «push-on technology» to connect safely with thermoplastic tubes in pneumatic and fluid applications. The sealing is metallic and the connection is very easy. The particular barb shape ensures a perfect grip on tubes. The hexagon of the lockring is on top to facilitate mounting even in confined spaces.

The range consists of 2 lines : 1000 serie in brass nickel-plated and 61000 serie in stainless steel AISI 316L.

1000 serie is one of the historical line produced by Aignep. Thanks to its robustness it is extensively used in application with high vibrations and largely requested where higher safety standards are needed. The fittings are available with BSPT or BSPP with pre-assmbled O-ring. More than 30 configurations are on the catalogue in multiple sizes for tube diameters from 4 to 15mm. The range of thread sizes is also complete, from 1/8 to 1/2. Very interesting are the swivel items, the bulkhead connectors and the modular banjos. Best selling are the fittings with protection spring guards that avoid tube chocking or kinking that may occur due to excessive weights or bending radius. The same push-on technology is used, as alternative, on many plugs and sockets of the Aignep Quick Couplings range.

61000 serie is manufactured in stainless steel AISI 316L and it offers to Aignep customers the possibility to drive corrosive fluids or to be used in aggressive environments. It is ideal for direct contact with food fluids. In fact the lines is officially certified NSF 169. It is designed to connect with compatible tubes from ø 4 to 10mm in the main configurations. The special feature is the universal thread of the straight fitting which is able to suit 4 different female threads. (BSPT- BSPP- NPTF- G-ISO 228) .

For a supersafe connection over the time, choose Aignep, choose our push-on fittings!