Quality of the products and the service

A leading-edge range of products and services

Aignep S.p.A., a company of the Bugatti Group, is an established national and international player in the field of fluid management and compressed air. Founded in 1976 for the production of fittings, over the years Aignep S.p.A. has added new solutions and product lines to meet the diverse application requirements of many sectors. These include the Fluidity range of solenoid valves, made entirely in Italy and comprising thousands of products.

Aignep S.p.A. is at the medium-high end of the market in terms of performance and quality. Its automated warehouses guarantee ready availability of catalogue items, while its research and development laboratory enable advanced testing to develop customised and tailor-made offers.

Sustainability Production Digitalisation Documents

Production sustainability and digitisation of documents

As emphasised by CEO Graziano Bugatti, Aignep S.p.A. pays attention to every detail and even in the field of company and product sustainability is committed to the use of renewable energy sources and the recovery of scraps and chips discarded during production.

The My Aignep service, on the other hand, allows customers registered on the company’s portal to download real-time data, compare different products, obtain BIM files and find out about component availability and prices.

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