A new milestone for Aignep: in September we obtained conformity to MOCA certification for 8 different product lines. This important achievement has allowed the company to differentiate itself on the reference markets, underlining once again its reliability as a brand in the sector.

Among the 8 product lines presented, the 59000 series is already NSF/ANSI 169 – DM 174/2004 certified and the 60000, 61000, 62000 series are already NSF 169 certified. The other 4 product lines are the 69000, 1000-CW, 13000-CWseries and the CW accessories.

All these products have recently been tested for compliance with European legislation. MOCA certification is in fact dedicated to all objects and materials in contact with food and must be in accordance with the rules of Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004.

To do this, we used an external certification body. This choice stems from the consolidated experience of the latter in the field of product certification and above all in the possibility of having a technical comparison with all those companies whose products are subject to MOCA regulations. Another point in favor is its partnership with a reliable and competent Italian laboratory that deals with the qualitative investigation of materials and products of different companies.

The 8 Aignep product lines have been subjected to an analysis process divided into several steps, in order to certify their relevance to the standard. A double analysis, on the documentary front and on the materials used, has led to an audit in the field that has allowed us to examine different aspects of the realization of the products, for use in the field of Food & Beverage.

Thanks to this support, we have been able to prove the correct adoption of manufacturing practices and compliance with the safety requirements of the lines examined, often in close contact with food, avoiding any alteration of them in order to protect human health.

By winning MOCA certification, Aignep has once again demonstrated its reliability as a company in the sector. A company that is always attentive to innovation and to European legislation and that makes quality its strength.