The protection of public health is the basis of all current International regulations relating to materials and objects intented to come into contact with food. A clear principle that Aignep shared with great responsibility during the years and that allowed us to develop a complete range of food fittings.

There are 9 lines of food fittings that are manufactured in the total hygienic-sanitary safety of the Bione (BS) plant and that enjoy NSF international certification and M.O.C.A. reg EU 1935/2004.

Inspections are periodically carried out by the bodies in charge to ensure the compliances acquired. A special plan for traceability of the components and the implementation of good manufacturing practices are mandatory.

The choice of materials is fully oriented to quality. We machine stainless steel AISI 316L or special brass alloys with low content of lead such as CW510L. We use seals and oils with total conformity to food grade standards. The choice for plastic material fell on PPSU, a favorite compound for high temperature food applications.

The variety of connections, sizes and materials makes Aignep a specialist in the production of food fittings:
The 70000 serie was the first food push-in line developed by Aignep. Thanks to a particular surface coating the fittings do not release harmful substances into foodstuff. Ideal for low temperature applications in agro-food sector.

The 59000 serie produced with brass alloy with low lead content. This line is certified for drinking water in accordance with DM174/2004 reg. 98/83/EC. With the same alloy we recently introduced a full range of threaded adapters so-called Adapters CW510L. These two lines are particularly recommended for the vending sector where the excellent price/quality ratio is very appreciated.

For aggressive environments or severe applications Aignep offers 6 lines of stainless steel fittings. The 60000 serie push-in is available for metric and inch tubes,  with parallel or universal thread solutions. In 2020 the line has been enriched with new configurations and sizes. It will be completed soon with size ø16mm. It enjoys a very high resistance to corrosion and a clean design thanks to the new smart-injection technology. Our TBPF tubeis recommended.

For aggressive environments with high vibrations we offer the 61000 serie push-on, which is designed to with stand to strong tractions and to guarantee zero-leaks.  If the pressure rises and tubes turn metallic we offer the 69000 serie compression, with single ferrule. These 2 lines are also sought after applications in chemical and medical field.

GHINOX is a line of stainless steel mini-ballvalves, particularly appreciated for the compact dimensions. The 62000 serie presents the largest range of stainless steel threaded adapters in the market. Finally the 63000 serie which is made up of quick couplings based on the MULTISOCKET system. The 4 most popular profiles of plugs in the market can connect with a single socket. As standard plug Aignep offers the European profile DN 7,8.

More and more manufacturers of food machinery or devices are choosing Aignep. Stay safe, choose Aignep.