The range of a Leader

Since the current decade AIGNEP is considered a leader in production of push-in fittings. It’s range is among the worldwide best for what concerns width, completeness and variety of solutions. The Italian company can line up a TOP that is able to attack the global market:

50000 series – The “Originals”, composed by a mix of technopolymer and brass, an icon of quality and reliability;

55000 seriesTechnopolymers, suitable for demanding field as Automation and Robotics, available also in Miniature (56000 series);

57000 seriesHeavy Duty fittings made from brass nickel-plated to grant strength and unique performances (available also in inch sizes, 89000 series).

Moreover, for more demanding applications:

40000V series – suitable for High Temperatures, with a special sealing system to grant high performances in every environment;

F&B solutions – Lead Free (59000 series) and Food Grade (70000 series), innovative solutions for Food Industry;

60000 series – fittings in Stainless Steel grant high quality material and compatibility for corrosive environments;

58000 series – fittings for Lubrications.

Last but not list, Customized, designed ad hoc and produced according clients demands.

With this line up Aignep can be considered a champion of quality in the global market.

Culture and Global Dimension

In order to maintain its primacy in manufacturing of fittings, the firm culture is focused on the improvement of the machinery and production technologies. This philosophy allows Aignep to provide an extra efficient service and a complete offer in all terms.

Thanks to the global structure, Aignep can offer worldwide availability for its push-in (and all the products of its catalogue). In fact 6 Branch offices and distributors dislocated in more than 90 countries offer complete assistance.

Aignep’s push-in fittings have the right tools to represent the Italian quality worldwide.