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New challenges on the US horizon

Graziano Bugatti, chief executive officer of Aignep s.p.a., had the opportunity to tell the editorial staff of the newspaper Bresciaoggi about the company’s latest operations. The company recently completed the acquisition of the entirety of Fairview’s sister company Alpha Technologies LLC, previously a 60% subsidiary. The US company, which has been contributing to the distribution of Aignep products in North America for many years, now represents an extension of the company’s business into the foreign market.

The operation aims to strengthen the company’s presence in one of the most important markets for the industrial automation sector, and to offer increasingly complete and professional solutions for its customers. The subsidiary will soon take on the name Aignep USA Inc. and will be involved in an investment in the order of EUR 3 to 5 million, both in facilities and for the strengthening of the workforce.

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Growing investments in Valsabbia

In Agnosine, Aignep recently took over a 3,500-square-metre shed near its site for future use for further expansion. Activity in the new building is expected to pick up between February and March, and new hires are expected by the end of the year.

While waiting to reap the results of the new challenges, Aignep ends the year just ended with growth and satisfaction, despite the difficulties in Russia. The turnover increased to over EUR 82.4 million, which rises to EUR 110 million when also considering the business developed by the subsidiaries across the border: overall, exports are worth 65% of the sales.

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