Aignep nuovo prodotto T022

Aignep has expanded its range of fluid and compressed air components by introducing the T022 precision pressure regulator, which allows more accurate regulation of the air outlet pressure. It is part of the FRL Standard series, which includes components for compressed air processing.

The purpose of pressure regulators is to maintain the air pressure within pneumatic systems below certain limits in order to ensure the proper functioning of the instruments being supplied, as well as the safety of the systems as a whole.

The new T022 model is suitable for applications where even a slight pressure variation can have a significant impact on the downstream system, such as in medical equipment, air meters, calibration instruments or semiconductor machinery.

The T022 pressure regulator automatically sets and maintains a specific desired pressure in the compressed air, thus ensuring safe and efficient operation of instruments and machinery.

Discover all the technical features of the T022 pressure regulator by downloading the catalogue!

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