The demand for stainless steel products in industrial automation is greater than ever. Aignep is aware of this trend and offers with the largest range of products entirely manufactured in stainless steel AISI 316L (1.4404). All products to control fluids and drive compressed air at low pressure.

This noble metal has extreme resistance to corrosion and oxidation, so that its use is strongly recommended in aggressive environments. The enemies to defeat are detergents, acids, alkaline solutions, sewage, gases. In the ultramodern production unit for stainless steel of Bione, Aignep takes care of details to guarantee timeless durability.

In 2005 the first line of stainless steel was released. It is the 60000 series – stainless steel push-in fittings cwith taper thread and food grade FKM seals. In the following years the range has been strengthened with new shapes and parallel threads, available from ø4mm to ø12mm. Recently the line has obtained the certification NSF169 and it complies to the EU 1935/2004 regulation.

The 61000 series offers push-on fittings in AISI 316L, where a safer connection is requested, especially in high vibration environment. It’s an ideal combination with our food hoses TBPF teflon or TBFE fep.

The 62000 series is a range of ss threaded accessories (plugs, adapters, reductions, etc.). In addition we complete the offer with stainless steel function fittings such as flow controls, quick exhaust valve 66050 or check valve 66062. Also available 2 models fully stainless of the GHINOX mini-ballvalves in size 1/8-1/4.

The 63000 series is the range of stainless steel quick couplings. Main product is our ss MULTISOCKET that you may connect with the 4 most popular profiles on the market: european, swiss, B-12 us-military and italian.

The 2018 News is the 69000 series – stainless steel compression fittings. Fittings with nut and olive to suit application with metallic tube at low pressure. A safe and profitable solution if compared to the expensive hydraulic lines improperly provided to pneumatics. The production is according to norm 8434-1 and olives under DIN 3861. 9 shapes available in more than 70 sizes, for tubes from ø4mm to ø12mm.

Strength, robustness and total sealing are represented by the range MFI – stainless steel mini-cylinders ISO 6432 & VHI – ISO 15552. Available in ø8mm to ø125mm, in standard version AISI 304 or in special AISI 316 and high temperature.

The next major news is the line of stainless steel pneumatic valves X1V to operate at the highest hygienic grade or in heavy contaminated environments. 6 models with solenoid and 5 models with lever are the first items produced.

To complete the program we remark the X1F X2F series, stainless steel solenoid valves to control fluid in direct acting mode and X4F series to control higher flows in servo-piloted mode. All items are produced in AISI 316L, with 3 options of seals: NBR, EPDM & FKM to suit more and more fluids.

The elegance of the design and the cleanability makes Aignep stainless steel range the first choice in food, pharma and medical processing.