The pneumatic actuators of Aignep L SERIE are designed to satisfy the widest range of standard and extreme industrial applications.

A robust but light construction according to ISO 15552/6431. The particular shape of the head allows a safe handling and easy cleaning. Single acting, double acting magnetic with cushion or double piston rods are the main variants.

On demand is possible to order specific variants such as: low and high temperatures, low friction, chemical resistance, metal scraper, long life, ecc… All completely MADE IN ITALY!

Main advantages

  • International standard conformity
  • Low and high temperature version
  • Long life and low fiction version
  • Waterproof and chemical resistant version
  • Shaped profile or round profile with tie-rods
  • ATEX certified: – II 2 GD c T6 -20°C<Tamb<80°C
  • Immediate delivery


  • Pneumatic automation, robotics and handling
  • Automotive Process
  • Textile, Packaging, Heavy Duty
  • Food Process
  • Carwashing and Process Industry
  • ATEX Zone