Aignep coaxial valves 6054 offer a great solution to control a wide range of industrial agressive, corrosive, contaminated fluids.

It is a proper automatic valve that is able to intercept and control fluid at the same time. The integrated piston moves supplied with air determining stop or flow of the intercepted liquid fluid. Functioning is independent from the main circuit pressure. No external movement outside the valve and the installation is easy and quick.

The valves are full bore and can be used in any mounting position (vertical, horizontal or oblique). Art. 6054 is the standard version – spring return NC with FKM seals from G3/8 up to 2″. With slight modifications you can get NO or Double Acting versions. On request NBR and EPDM seals.

In comparison with a traditional valve+actuator, the dimension, weight and costs are significantly reduced. Working cycles are 15 times higher. With spring return version the position is secured and guaranteed with less forces.

Optimally piloted by Aignep Namur valves 08VP & 08VS.