Flow rate (flow) in the system is one of the most important criteria to determine the choice of the quick coupler. Often engineers and users do not think about it. But the right couplings can increase the efficiency of the system and minimize pressure loss.

The new Aignep 730 serie, fully MADE-IN-ITALY, incorporates a unique design of internal shutter which expands air flow in a compact and robust socket. 2550 Nl/min is the top flow of this serie which gives +25% of air flow of a traditional quick connector. Suitable for compressed air, vacuum and water.

Working pressure is guaranteed at 16 bar and depending on connecting elements could be suitable up to 35 bar.

Particularely recommended for higher flow air tools or large industrial and automotive applications.

The adaptor is European profile DN 7.8, largely interchangeable with the most popular couplings on the market.

The socket body, sleeve and thread are made from nickel plated brass. Seals are NBR and the internal key components are made of stainless steel.

Connection and disconnection is very easy, just pulling back the sleeve. Sockets are identified with “TOP FLOW” laser-printing.

730 serie is “single shut off” which means that when couplings and plug are separated the air in the plug is vented to atmosphere. But 740 serie is “double shut off”. In this case air is secured after disconnection.

Sockets of 730 serie are available in male threads R & G, female thread and with spring guards.

740 serie is available in male G-thread and female thread. Plugs available in different materials, sizes and retros. Download our PDF to know all available sizes.

Improve your tool performances in high productivity process with our TOP FLOW couplings!!!