raccordo aignep brasile

Fragnani Group is an important player of civil construction sector, supplying enameled ceramic & porcelain tiles. The Group is among the 1000 largest companies in Brazil, according specialized sector ranking (Exame Magazine). The focus of the group is the research for innovative and sustainable solutions, valuing environmental responsibility and respect for the planet.

Fragnani Group has 4 different brands in Brazilian market: Incefra, Incenor, Tecnogres and In Out. Fragnani has 3 ceramic factories: Tecnogres and Incenor, both installed in Bahia and the H.Q. of Incefra, located in city of Cordeirópolis, in São Paulo. In addition, the group also includes Mineradora Água Branca, created to supply Incefra’s demand for raw materials.

In 2020, the Group ranked 834th in the ranking of the 1,000 largest companies in Brazil, according to Valor 1000 magazine, published by Valor Econômico newspaper. And Fragnani is considered the 8th largest producer of ceramic tiles in the world, according to the data released in October 2020 by Ceramic World Review magazine. Its brands develop products with formats that are more suited to the market, faster application speed, better laying aesthetics and lower losses.

raccordo aignep brasile

Respect for people and the planet

Fragnani Group owns and protects approximately 17 acres of land destined for a Permanent Preservation Area (APP), intended for the preservation of fauna and flora, with more than 20,000 native trees of various species. It has a green belt around its drying area to prevent particulate dispersion outside its area and was the first industry to install tanks for rainwater treatment.

In addition, Fragnani has a strong social focus with partnerships and programs to encourage education, reading, training of young apprentices and has an integration program with the local community.

raccordo aignep brasile


Incenor, located in Dias D’Ávila (Bahia), has four production lines. The company conquered a significant role in the Northeast, producing approximately 25 million m²/year of tested and certified products according to the parameters of the Ceramic Center of Brazil (CCB), an organization accredited by Inmetro (CGCRE).

Incenor invests heavily in equipment, constantly improving the quality of its products to satisfy its audience: customers, consumers, suppliers, employees and the community.

It was in this factory that the Ecoget team, Aignep’s oldest partner and distributor in Brazil, carried out the installation of the air network with Infinity products, in record time. The project was divided into two assembly phases, first and second phase, according to Incenor’s production priorities.

raccordo aignep brasile

The two project phases

During the installation of the first phase, the pipeline with diameters of 168mm, 110mm, 50mm and 25mm designated to feed the milling area of ​​the factory were used, being completed in just 40 days. This clay grinding area – raw material for Incenor products, is considered one of the most important stages of the factory’s production process.

In the second stage of assembly, pipes with diameters between 63mm and 25mm were installed in the new enameling area of ​​the factory. This area is intended for the final treatment of Incenor products, such as enamelling and finishing the pieces. And once again, it was quickly completed by the Ecoget team. Considering the two phases, more than 1000 meters of Infinity piping were installed. This was the second project executed by Ecoget & Aignep to Incenor. The first project was executed 12 years ago in the first building in Cordeirópolis. As first building never presented problems in 12 years Aignep‘s Infinity line and Ecoget was a safe choice of Fragnani Group new lines located in Bahia.