Front lever valve 01VF

Aignep has expanded its range of manually operated valves with the new 01VF series with a front lever.

These valves are made with an anodised and painted aluminium body, a chemically nickel-plated aluminium spool, and NBR seals. Available in 1/8″ or ¼” sizes, they feature an M 16X1 panel connection and are manually operated by a bistable 3-way or 5-way front lever with two fixed positions. Due to their specific design, they withstand operating pressures of up to 10 bar and can operate effectively in a temperature range of -10°C to +60°C.

Aignep’s valves are designed to perform high flow rates quickly and with low switching pressure. The main advantages of the 01VF series include durability, ease of installation, component reliability, manual override as standard, and ease of maintenance. Thanks to these features, they find application in various industrial sectors, including pneumatic and robotic automation, automotive processes, and food processes.

Discover more about the technical features of 01VF valves by downloading the dedicated catalogue!

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