Production is eco-friendly!

On the border of Tuscany, Liguria and Emilia, the hamlet of Zeri is a perfect destination for lovers of peace and quiet of the mountains. Here in this green countryside of Italy, the Family Bugatti has in recent years accelerated investments on renewable energies. A great challenge to slash carbon emissions and to battle global warming.

Idroimpianti Zeri Srl is the fifth company of the Bugatti Group which produces electricity from hydropower.

With a 35-years right to use hydropower of Gordana river, the hydroelectric station is now producing 1.500.000 KWH of pure renewable energy, which represents almost 35% of the total electrical consumption of the Group. If compared to thermoelectric power plants based on fossil fuels, the cost of hydroelectricity is relativerly low. It is also a flexible source of electricity, since the amount of the station can be varied up or down very rapidly to adapt to changing energy demands.

It is possible to calculate fuel economy in TOE (tonne of oil equivalent) and avoided emissions. According to offIcial datas submitted and based on EEN 3/08 art. , the actual production of hydroelectricity is saving 280,5 TOE. In the atmosphere the Group avoids 664.500 kg of CO2 in one year (ref. environmental report ENEL 2009).

This investment is part of a smart strategy that improves productivity and takes care about environment.

In few weeks Aignep will complete the extension of its production unit in Bione with ca. 3000 m2 additionally . With the occasion the roof will be fully covered by solar panels.

In 2023 the Bugatti Group will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its industrial activity in Italy. The four main companies of the Group represent the excellence of Made in Italy around the world: Casa Bugatti (fashion cuttlery), Landa (outdoor light technology), Picchi (transfer machines) & Aignep (fluidtechnology).

The roots in the tradition, the commitment in the present, but looking ahead! Surfing the green wave for a better world!