Students from IIS. Cerebotani of Lonato del Garda visiting the Aignep

Tuesday the 9th of April 2024, AIGNEP SPA had the pleasure to welcome the students from 4B and 4M classes of the IIS Luigi Cerebotani Technical Institute of Lonato del Garda, accompanied by the teachers Prof. Orio and Prof. Marchione.

The students of Mechanics, Mechatronics and Energy course had the opportunity, led by our guides from the sales office, Paolo, Ettore and Cristina, to fully meet a productive reality in all its aspects, from the project-design and operational side to the real applications.

The course of study provides fundamental notions for understanding a reality such as Aignep, including: manufacture and assembly of mechanical components with processing of machining cycles, automated motion systems, mechanical design and production, material control and testing, from half-processed products to finished products.

The visit allowed the students to learn the basics of the main pneumatic components and compressed air distribution, understand the use of different types of devices based on the main design parameters, type of fluid, temperature, flow-rate, pressure and final application.

The Company tour within all its departments, from production to assembly, from the warehouse to the logistics, from the offices to the samples showroom, has helped to discover the entire operating process, from raw materials to the finished product placed on the worldwide market.

We are grateful to thank the ISS L.Cerebotani, the Teachers and the students for their valued visit, interest, great involvement and participation.
Aignep and his Team are always ready to welcome the young enthusiasts in the world of automation and discover with them this wide and sweeping field!