FRL Evo è la linea per il trattamento dell’aria compressa

FRL Evo: synonymous with robustness and precision

We at Aignep have introduced the FRL series into our catalogue, which includes products for precise and reliable compressed air treatment. The range, with a maximum pressure of 18 bar, is available in two sizes, both totally silicone free and made from the latest generation of technopolymer, which is used to make all components. The line’s components can be applied in machinery, compressors, plants and circuits, where correct and accurate compressed air management is crucial.

The line is characterised by simplified modularity, robustness and low weight. Metal threads ensure efficiency and strength, while internal passages are designed for increased and optimised air flow. Modular attachment is quick and easy thanks to the quick release of the cup. A pressure gauge is integrated in the main body, and the product offers various filtration thresholds and possible adjustment ranges.

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