The power of Italian American teamwork! 

What an exciting factory tour for the sales team of AIGNEP USA!
In the last days the guys had the amazing opportunity to visit the modern production facility of AIGNEP SPA in Bione, Italy. A thrilling experience to explore and witness the secrets of our production , to learn about the centenary industrial tradition of the Bugatti family and to build a stronger partnership!

AIGNEP USA was the first subsidiary of AIGNEP SPA back in 1996! The company was founded as a Joint Venture between the Bugatti Family and a local partner in Franklin, TN. The name of the company was “Alpha Technologies”. It was a pretty complicated venture in the beginning because the brand was unknown and the initial range consisted only in few lines of fittings. But step by step the range has grown. Some products such as the universal thread push-to-connect fittings “Swiffit” and the innovative “Multisocket” have become market icons.

In 2005 the INFINITY air piping system was presented for the first time in the North American market. In short time it was rewarded for its high quality and ease of assembly. After almost twenty years the system is still successful and of growing interest after the introduction of the largest diameters Ø80 – 110 – 168 mm which do not require any processing in the aluminum tubes.

It was amazing to see how our branch office was constantly expanding and in 2014, the company moved to the new logistic centre in Fairview, TN. The new spaces allowed us to expand our US catalogue with the automation: cylinders, valves and FRL air units. Today our Fluidity range of solenoid valves are also available in the stock.

In recent years, immediately after the pandemic, AIGNEP SPA completed the acquisition 100% of the US subsidiary. The name of the company changed to AIGNEP USA Inc. and a new investment plan to strengthen the US branch has started. A new logistics centre was opened in Centreville, TN, while work on the expansion of the Fairview warehouse should start in June 2024.

Thanks guys for visiting us!

Let’s your enthusiasm be contagious!