valvole a sede inclinata

Achieving excellent flow with inclined seat valves

With the X1Y and X2Y inclined seat valves you can achieve high flow rates with low friction, while preventing water hammer thanks to the under seat inlet. Inclined seat valves have numerous fields of application ranging from the chemical, pharmaceutical and textile industries to filling machines, sterilisers, water, food fluids, oils, petrol and steam. They have a universal mounting position, making them versatile and adaptable to multiple devices, an under seat inlet to reduce pressure and water hammer, a PTFE seal, pneumatic control and visual position indicator.

valvole a sede inclinata aperta e chiusa

Features, applications and advantages of the inclined seat valves in the Fluidity range

The Y-shaped body increases flow by 30%, and the materials used allow these valves to be used in numerous applications. The self-adjusting, self-lubricating stem minimises maintenance requirements, while the actuator provides flexible use by being able to rotate 360°. The actuator housing of the X1Y series is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, while that of the X2Y is made of technopolymer PA06. Inclined seat valves series X1Y – X2Y are pneumatically actuated devices. The piston inside the actuator, mechanically connected to the plug via the stem, allows the main orifice in the valve body to be opened or closed for the passage of fluid. In the absence of pilot pressure, the valve remains in the closed position, if NC, or open, if NO, thanks to the action of the spring acting on the piston. When the piston is actuated by the piloting pressure fed into the chamber, the valve opens if NC or closes if NO. In the case of double-acting valves, opening and closing are determined solely by the pilot pressure.

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