Nuove serie H G di cilindri elettrici Aignep

Features of the new series   

Aignep has recently introduced a new range of electric actuators, the result of ongoing research and development. This innovation stems from the need for applications that require speed, precision and constant position control.

These are the H and G series with in-line and parallel motors, made of aluminium and hardened steel. Both series follow the ISO 15552 standard and can operate effectively in a wide temperature range from -20°C to +100°C. In addition, they are designed to withstand up to 90% humidity.

Nuove serie H e G di cilindri elettrici Aignep 

Range benefits and applications

Aignep’s H and G series of electric actuators offer a number of key advantages, including speed of movement, precision and positioning control. In addition, the series has further advantages such as interchangeability with ISO 15552 pneumatic cylinders, multiple positioning capability and anti-rotation functionality.

The new cylinder series offer a wide range of applications in Pneumatic Automation, Robotics and Handling, Automotive Process, Textile Industry, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Heavy Duty and Food Process.

Discover all the technical features of the H and G series of electric actuators by downloading the catalogue!

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