16V Electropneumatic valves – Keeping up with automation!

Manufacturers of machines, automated systems and industrial plants are constantly looking for reliable and high-performance components.  In the field of compressed air management Aignep has developed the new 16V series of valve islands, which combine quality, modularity and superb performances.

Recently introduced on the market, there are already numerous options:  they are in fact available in normally closed or normally open, monostabile or bistable versions, and can also be used for vacuum with separate power control with respect to the pressure of the single valve.

The valve body is made of anodized aluminium , while the spool is made of nickel-plated aluminium in order to increase the robustness and the durability.
The air flow is very high, around 700 Nl/min which allows greater speed in the movement of the components or the operation of larger cylinders.
The ease of installation and maintenance is incredible.  The reduction of the pneumatic and electrical connections is guaranteed.  A wide range of fittings and cables are available.
The electronics are particularly carefully designed and reinforced to guarantee operation even in extreme environments. The direct connection with the PLC occurs through a wide choice of communication protocols such as ProfiNet, EtherCAT, Ethernet IP and soon IO-Link.  Multipole connections  25 or 37 pins are available too.

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