Almost 90% of industrial machineries are lubricated with grease.  Grease serves 3 main purposes: providing lubrication, preventing damages from contaminants and inhibiting corrosion.
Poor lubrication causes an excessive downtime, costly replacement of damaged components and lost productivity. A proper lubrication is essential to extend their life.

Aignep 58000 serie is the right range of fittings that can complete your lubrication system. The push-in technology enables a considerable time savings upon assembly, especially if compared with ferrule fittings.  The special gripping system can withstand an operating pressure of 150 bar (2175 Psi) .  Extensive field tests reached a bursting pressure even up to 800 bar. The fittings are suited for use on semirigid plastic tube PA6 or PA12 as well as steel tube or adapter designs of the most popular manufacturers of lubrication system.

The special HNBR seals offer a wider range of temperature -30°C +150°C and easily withstands pressure shocks or vibrations.  Full compatibility with oils and grease. The range of fittings is extensive and varied.  Many configurations in straight and shaped forms. Typical diameters ø 4 and 6 mm available in different metric threads. High pressure check valves 58080 (with cone) and 58085 have been recently introduce in our program to prevents back-flow of fluids.

Our TB66 tube is highly recommended in combination of our fittings. In Aignep catalogue you may find an extensive range of brass adapters and aluminium manifolds to complete the installation.
The 58000 serie guarantees effective cost savings for machine manufacturers in business sectors such as agriculture, automotive, windpower, mining, construction.

When pressure rises, choose 58000 serie, choose Aignep !